It’s been just a few days since the site came into existence and with it the fund raising campaign. The numbers (2300 unique visitors, 1250 supporters on the Facebook cause) as well as all your supportive reactions, questions and suggestions are giving me a lot of confidence in the future. Thank you once again! And thanks to those who got involved in organizing the campaign; I don’t, currently, have the energy to mention everyone and I don’t want to discriminate.

I have receive a few questions and suggestions to which I’d like to provide an answer here:

• There are two possibilities to get funds from the Romanian government for the operation: through order 50 and form E112. I’m not ignoring these possibilities. Quite the opposite; I have already started the procedures. Through form E112, however, the chances of obtaining something are slim given the procedure I require and the formalities through order 50 can take several months and nobody guarantees a positive reply. As such, I believe anybody in my situation would try to find other means to get the necessary money

• I found a Foundation willing to take over the sponsorships received from companies. In maximum 2 days I hope to get from them a stamped sponsorship form, in order to make the process extremely simple for the sponsor: after signing the contract, they can transfer the money without waiting for anything. Soon, all the details as well as the sponsorship contract from the Foundation will be published on the website

• I’ve started the procedures with the mobile operators to get special numbers for donations

• We’re working on the English version of the website. Specifically a technical solution. Sadly, I am the only one working “full time” on the website and I have very limited experience when it comes to web programming. With the help of my colleagues from BitDefender, I hope the English version will be ready very fast

• For those who want to wire from abroad: I have moved recently and I don’t know what address is associated with the bank account. I need to get by the bank tomorrow so this issue will be settled soon

• I know some of you want to put a banner on your website(s). Thank you! I believe that the person who volunteered for this has already started working on it. By tomorrow evening it should be ready

For now, if I wasn’t clear, you can donate in my PayPal account if you have a card that can make online payments, without having a PayPal account. Just click the “Donate” button and PayPal will ask your card details and process the payment.

I’ll wait for your comeback on for news! Don’t forget the RSS feed, the easiest way to stay in touch.

I’ll eagerly await more questions and suggestions!

9 comentarii on The future looks good

  1. Mircea spune:

    Foarte bine zis. Chiar mi-a placut foarte mult.

  2. You surely were also reading the same passage as I, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out….”.

  3. longchamp spune:

    Nice to read your blog.

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